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 This enables members of the public to go direct to a Barrister without the need to engage the services of a Solicitor.  This can result in significant savings to the client by only having to pay one legal adviser.  Our Barristers specialise in Motoring Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Housing Law.

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New Bailey Chambers are delighted to announce the launch of our Public Access Service. 

This exciting change to the way Barristers are traditionally instructed enables members of the public to instruct a Barrister directly, without the need to engage a Solicitor. Our specialist Barristers offer a comprehensive range of services to both public and business clients who are in need of legal advice and/or representation at Court. This service may be ideal for clients who are looking to reduce costs, as you are only paying for one legal advisor. 

New Bailey Chambers is a set of Barristers Chambers located in Liverpool with Barristers who attend Courts and Tribunals across England and Wales.

If you are looking for quality legal advice and representation you can have the peace of mind that you are putting your case in the hands of a professional. 

Our specialist Barristers can provide assistance in the following areas of law:

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