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 This enables members of the public to go direct to a Barrister without the need to engage the services of a Solicitor.  This can result in significant savings to the client by only having to pay one legal adviser.  Our Barristers specialise in Motoring Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Housing Law.

Andrew Sinker


Andrew Sinker has practised in the field of immigration law for over 10 years.  During this time he has represented asylum seekers from countries such as Irag, Iran, Afghanistan, China and Sudan at immigration tribunals.  he has appeared successfully in the First-tier Tribunal and successfully appealing decisions to the Upper-tier Tribunal.  He has an in depth knowledge of the legal principles that apply and the country situations.  he can offer assistance to those seeking to apply for asylum and to those wishing to appeal the refusal of asylum claims.

His experience extends to representing people on entry clearance and other visa related matters.  he can assist those individuals, who have had their visa/entry clearance applications refused and who wish to appeal their decisions as well as giving advice to individuals, who wish to make applications of this nature.