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 This enables members of the public to go direct to a Barrister without the need to engage the services of a Solicitor.  This can result in significant savings to the client by only having to pay one legal adviser.  Our Barristers specialise in Motoring Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Housing Law.

About Public Access

Due to exciting changes to the way Barristers can be instructed, New Bailey Chambers are proud to announce the launch of our Public Access Service.

What is Public Access?

Public Access (also known as Direct Access) is a scheme which enables members of the public, professionals and businesses to instruct a Barrister directly to provide legal advice and representation. This removed the previous requirement to engage the services of a Solicitor to appoint a Barrister for you. This means you are likely to significantly reduce the cost by only having to pay the Barrister. 

The purpose of the scheme is to provide greater choice of legal expertise available to the public and produce a more competitive marketplace by allowing people to choose which type of lawyer they want. 

All Public Access Barristers have been in practice for a minimum of three years and have undertaken specific training to allow them to offer this service.

Is my case suitable for Public Access? 

Most cases are suitable for Public Access. If you are eligible for legal aid you will need to instruct a Solicitor. Our clerks can advise you if your case is suitable or not. 

What are the costs involved?

All Public Access cases are privately funded. We aim to offer the highest quality service at affordable prices for our clients. As you are only instructing one lawyer, you are likely to save money. Our fees are completely transparent and you will only pay the price agreed. There are no hidden costs. Each case will be assessed by our Clerks as to the costs prior to any work being carried out and all fees will be agreed in advice and in writing. Work cannot be carried out by the Barrister until the fees are paid and fees are subject to vat. Barristers cannot provide legal aid. Call our clerks today for a quote on your case on 0151 236 9402. 

What work can a Barrister carry out?

Our Barristers can represent you in any Court or Tribunal in England and Wales, provide you with advice, either face to face or in writing, provide you with a second opinion or draft documents on your behalf. See our practice areas for specific details on the services we offer.

The rules on Public Access mean there are a number of things Barristers are not allowed to do. They include collecting evidence, managing clients money or contacting witnesses. 

If you have any questions about Public Access, please don't hesitate to contact New Bailey Chambers where our clerks will be happy to answer any queries.