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 This enables members of the public to go direct to a Barrister without the need to engage the services of a Solicitor.  This can result in significant savings to the client by only having to pay one legal adviser.  Our Barristers specialise in Motoring Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Housing Law.

Louise Santamera 


Louise has 10 years experience of advising and representing clients in criminal matters ranging from road traffic offences to murder with a demonstrable track record in appeal work.  She is known as a determined and resilient advocate who places emphasis on pro-active involvement at the earliest stages of a case, and is also known for her personable and approachable attitude towards lay clients.

Louise has a particular interest in those areas of crime which sometimes overlap with other areas such as immigration, honour crime, trafficking, extradition and deportation (a topic on which she delivers training courses for BPP Law School).  She is accustomed to acting as a junior alone in the most serious and complex cases and is always keen to become involved at the early stages of proceedings so that the case may be marshalled in the best possible way for the client.